Do you know and practice the leadership skills that enable peak performance?

If not, it's time to learn the skills, along with the rules and principles to managing people that enable you to:

  • Change and elevate performance of individuals, teams and organizations
  • Increase innovation, creativity, productivity, morale...
  • Make managing people easy and successful
  • Get everyone engaged to create better products and services

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What Is Leadership?

It is important to understand the meaning of leadership in the workplace as it guides all that you do as the boss, manager, executive in charge.

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Use Your Leadership Skills to Build Trust,
Instead of Distrust

Trust is like lube-oil. Without trust in the workplace, operations slow down or stop running. And the thing about trust is that it is totally under the control of the boss. The boss creates trust or lights the fires of distrust. Know what to do and not do. Click play below.

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leadership skills book by Bennet Simonton


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About the Book
Outline of the book

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Clearly defined leadership skills and techniques that get results!

“Excellent does not do justice in describing your book. I don't know of any executive who could sit down, read your book and not get excited. It's a great wake up call for US executives and one that should be required reading of anybody who leads, or wants to lead, others.”

—Bill Vick

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"If your competitors have read this book, don't even think about what to do next."

Peter A. Hunter, Author of Breaking the Mould

The Ultimate Guide to Leadership Skills & Techniques That Drive Results

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The Book

The way to unleash everyone's creativity, productivity, innovation, motivation and commitment is through your leadership. Now find out the exact skills to acquire, practice and sharpen, along with the techniques to utilize that will unleash full brainpower and full talent. It is in my book.

Clarity and Focus

This book explains and outlines what to do to manage people effectively and exactly how to do it. This means you will not have to work through theories and guessing what to do. I tell you the actions to take to get the reactions you desire, like getting your people to do a better job, creating better products and services, to generate more revenue.

Not Dependent on Leadership Style

My managers and I proved that actions are what count, and that carrying out the actions specified by the leadership skills outlined in my book will make you an exceptional manager of people. Also, you will be able to coach subordinate managers and feel comfortable farther and farther up the ladder or taking on major organizational challenges. So don't worry about your leadership style, personality, looks or charisma, and instead get right down to highly effective people management tactics.

Motivating Employees

My subordinate managers and I proved that trying to always be the “motivator” is a major source of stress and that self-motivation is the key to success. You know that your best people are self-motivated, self-starters. I outline how to create a workplace where self-motivation is the norm and one which also prevents de-motivation and all of its fearsome consequences. In truth, there is no limit to what employees can accomplish once you apply your leadership skills to tap their own motivations. I know this first hand from turning around organizations considered hopeless.

“In reading the book the first time, it almost seemed as if you had observed all the management mistakes I had committed over time and set-out to write a methodology on how to correct them.”
—Shanthie Goonetilleke

Why follow your methods?

I am not talking about small gains, I am talking about substantial and sustainable gains, all of which are proven results from my 34 years of managing people:

  • Majority of employees become highly motivated and highly committed.
  • Lower costs due to decreased turnover and absenteeism.
  • A highly ethical, values-based culture with high morale.
  • Higher level of creativity and lower costs enable you to beat your competition!
  • Problems from change, personality and diversity conflicts, and ethics issues disappear.
  • Your stress from managing people turns to satisfaction!
  • You greatly increase your ability to turn around major personnel issues or management disasters.
  • Fewer and fewer problems, because people are solving issues themselves.
  • Productivity gains from 30% to 300% per employee!

The set of leadership skills and techniques in the book comprehensively covers the subject of managing people, from A to Z. Whether you manage one person or thousands, the clearly defined leadership skills that I provide you are your script for achieving excellence.

In addition, the leadership skills presented are backed by easy-to-understand leadership theory which makes so much sense you will wonder why you didn't think of it yourself. In fact, the 20+ leadership principles explained in my book are as certain as the Law of Gravity.

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You are only one person with 24 hours in the day. Maximize your greatest resource, your people. Make the majority top performers, so you can put out better products and services, more effectively.

Where do you start?

First, understand your goal, then what leadership actually is. These create the elements of a superior leadership strategy.

1. When Managing People, What is the Goal?

2. Exactly What Is Leadership?

3. Good vs. Bad Leadership

4. Leadership vs. Managing People

5. Are People Really Our Most Important Asset?

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