When Managing People, What is the Goal?

As leaders in the workplace, we set goals and objectives regularly. It makes business sense to decide where you want to go before deciding what to do and how to do it. And what most of us learn is that the more clearly we set those goals and objectives, the more success we have reaching them. So then, what is your goal for managing people?

Some managers have thought this through, and others have been given or have devised what they think are goals for managing their people, such as a culture to maintain and project. But let’s go further and define a universal goal that maximizes our ability to be successful, prosperous managers and leaders.


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How to Use Your Leadership Skills to Build Trust in the Workplace

“Trust in the workplace is like lube oil. Without it, nothing runs.” – Ben

The thing about trust is that it is totally under your control, as the boss. You have the power to cultivate it and ensure its existence and you have the power to create an environment of distrust.

To say a team or organization can’t run without trust, is an understatement. How do you develop trust in the workplace? (more…)

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How Managers Create Low Morale

Everyone knows that the sports team with the highest morale wins. Dejected athletes can’t beat their opponent, heads hanging low isn’t in the coach’s playbook.

Certainly some teams pull off the win, but they are rightfully considered lucky — the other team was not performing well. They know that next time this will not work.

And indeed, every manager in a company wants the same thing – a team with high morale – super charged up to do great things every single day. High morale is required to obtain and sustain peak performance. But the deck is stacked against us as managers. (more…)

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Why Employees Are Not Highly Motivated & Committed

Doesn’t every executive and manager want highly motivated and committed employees?

The answer has to be yes. Most certainly, because everyone knows that highly motivated people are continually striving to do their very best. In fact, these employees use 100% of their brainpower on their work when on the job and often when not on the job and that makes them extremely valuable employees.

According to Stephen Covey, the difference between poorly motivated and highly motivated employees is about 500% in productivity. (more…)

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