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Founded in 2005 by Bennet Simonton, our mission is to arm leaders in the workplace with the most effective leadership skills, tools and techniques so that they may cultivate the talent within their organization and increase innovation, creativity and productivity while creating a highly energized workforce.

Bennet Simonton dedicated himself to understanding how to be a highly effective leader. With more than 30 years of experience managing and leading people, he is uniquely qualified to guide other managers and executives to realizing greater success in managing people, because he made all of the mistakes and developed all the solutions to any people management issues of consequence.

Along with me, his daughter, Kimberly Simonton, we will be offering a range of opportunities for managers at every level to sharpen their leadership skills and to learn new ones. Don’t miss what’s coming up and get yourself on board today.



Exceptional coaching and group training programs for managers and executives tailored to your needs, goals and location.


Articles and videos for you to discover and learn the most essential leadership skills, tools, techniques, and strategies.


Beginning in 2013, we will start with the framework and continue on with more in-depth knowledge to learn and implement.

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Wishing you great managing of people!

Bennet Simonton, Founder, Chief Coach + Advisor
Kimberly Simonton, Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Simonton Associates + Leadership Science TV
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Founded in 2005, Simonton Associates is focused on presenting the science of leadership to managers and executives who seek to greatly increase productivity, innovation, creativity and overall employee engagement.

Don’t miss new leadership content, invitations to webinars to learn the most effective leadership skills.
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