Leadership Skills: Don’t be a Hip Shooter

We all do it from time to time, don’t we?

While sitting and listening to someone, we jump in with questions, opinions or solutions. We cut the person off or rush to judgment in an effort to move things along to a decision or some next step. Quickly set next steps to get more done. Or maybe, as we are taught to do as managers, leap to delegating tasks, because that is what good leaders do, they delegate.

However, as the boss, as the person in charge, this action or habit of quick responses is actually detrimental to the people you manage and lead. And we miss out, because thoughtful answers come with great benefits.

In this 1-Minute with Ben segment, find out what not to do one-on-one or in group meetings with the people you manage.

Tell us…
Are You a Hip-Shooter? Sometimes or not really? Maybe you are more cool as a cucumber type. Give us your answer in the comments below. Or maybe you have had a boss like this. Tell us how you feel about hip-shooters and if you are one, will you make a change?

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Ben Simonton

Ben Simonton Managed diverse groups for 34+ years, including as an executive in charge of a 1,300 person unionized organization. He made all the managing mistakes one can make, then devised solutions for 99.9% of people management issues. His mission is to take you beyond great to exceptional.