Why Ben?

If you want to turn lower and mid-level performers into top performers and increase innovation and productivity across your group or organization, you’re in the right place.

If you are trying to develop internal leadership and human capital, you’re also in the right place.

The truth is, to get what you want from the people you manage and to drive excellence within an organization, you must learn about human nature — what motivates people and what de-motivates people.

It simply is not effective to learn the characteristics of “great” leaders. What does “be a great communicator” matter if you communicate the wrong things?

Ben is about clarity of actions. With actionable guidance —like What Exactly Are You Managing People to Be? — you can accomplish greater things through people.

Sound interesting?
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Why Ben Can Help You Develop High Performing Teams

Over 30 Years of Experience Leading and Managing People. All of the leadership skills, principles, tools and methods Ben provides were developed personally from years of experience.

He directly applied his methods to turn four separate management disasters around and led one of his organizations to 300% per person gains in productivity. (That was measured productivity gains. They then decided to stop measuring.)

Ben’s Credentials

  • Graduate of U.S. Naval Academy
  • Retired Capt USN after 26 years of service
  • Vice President at Consolidated Edison in New York City
  • Managed a unionized group with 1,300 people

“I set a goal for myself to develop expertise in leading large numbers of people. In pursuit of this goal, I read every leadership and management book I could find and studied the history of human accomplishments, the actions taken and the reasons for those actions.” – Ben


Also, you can read how Ben acquired his leadership skills.

“In my last executive position, on one occasion we sent a large workforce to a nuclear electric generating station to overhaul machinery. Several of the top level managers at that station asked questions of my people on the job and later remarked that they were unable to tell supervisors from workers. That workforce consisted of well-trained, industrious, strong and independent, successful and proud supervisors and workers, almost all of them having the five traits of a Five Star person.”

—Ben talking to weLEAD Magazine.

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Ben Simonton Leadership Coach

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