One-on-One Coaching with Ben

At some point, every manager, from mid-level on up to Chief Executive, needs some expert coaching and advice to remain top of their primary area of expertise โ€” managing a team or organization of people โ€” because when that is going well, business is more prosperous.

Why Choose Ben to Coach You?

He gives you clear, concise insights and advice with actions to take for you to see results both near term and long term. Your leadership style, personality, looks or charisma remain unique to you – you do not need to change these, instead Ben focuses you on getting right down to highly effective people management tactics.

He will strengthen and broaden your leadership impact by quickly identifying the managerial actions and inactions you and/or your direct reports are taking that drive individual, team and organizational performance up or down. And because Ben managed diverse organizations in tough industries, he’s encountered and solved 99.99% of the people management issues you might have.

Enlist Ben today to:

  • Increase your impact as a leader
  • Help you develop and maximize your full leadership potential
  • Enable you to affect substantial and sustainable changes
  • Help you turn around an organizational issue
  • Reduce overall stress from managing people
  • Create high performing teams that are easy to manage

Press play to hear why you should try Ben’s approach to managing and leading people today.



For new clients. Conducted via telephone or Skype. First session is free. Limited-time offer.

COST: $350

Let’s Start


Book Ben for more time for greater impact and especially if you seek to fix a poor situation.

COST: $1,500

Let’s Do This


Ben is an expert. Contact him today to discuss your situation and see if there is a fit.


Access to Ben for input and discussion anytime via email or telephone with in-person visits, as needed.

Call Ben at
to discuss.

Fees are based on one-hour meetings, but please plan to allow for more time for your first meeting with Ben.

New Clients

You will receive a welcome email including a brief set of questions, so Ben can better understand your current situation and get the ball rolling.


After the first one or two sessions are scheduled, we will send an invoice to you via Paypal unless you indicate you require making payment via check. Payment must be received prior to a session taking place. If for some reason you have purchased a package of sessions and are not satisfied, you can cancel any remaining sessions and receive a full refund for those sessions. Additional Terms and Conditions will be provided to you before your first meeting with Ben.

In-person coaching is desirable. However, Ben is currently only available to do so for longer-term engagements and Executive Coaching & Advisory. If you are interested in Executive Coaching, please contact us to schedule a time to discuss your needs.

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