Gaining Commitment From Employees

Have you ever thought: “Why isn’t that person more committed to their job? Why don’t they work as hard to do a better job like so-and-so does?”

Or have you ever felt the need to say, “You don’t seem committed to the job”, to an employee?

It may be that you have heard other managers say those words, but at some point in time, as managers, we face this issue with an individual we manage and sometimes with an entire team or organization.

I have been in this position. I was struggling with one very bright, new business school graduate and thought, “Why isn’t she more committed to this project? She doesn’t seem to care while our other new hire did.” After some investigating, I thought I had found out why, but that understanding didn’t help to change her lackluster performance.

So then what would cause her to change and become more committed to her job?

Watch this short video and hear what causes people to become committed.

After watching the video, please don’t leave without telling us about your experience with the people you have managed or are managing.

Have you struggled with an employee who seemed to lack commitment to their job? Do you believe some to be lost causes that will not be committed to their work no matter what you do?

We’d love to hear what you have encountered. Share your experience in the comments section.

And if you know of someone that will benefit from this wisdom (who doesn’t want highly committed employees?), please pass this email along to them. Use the share buttons below.

All the best,

Kimberly Simonton
Leadership Science TV

P.S. This video expands upon and reinforces what was discussed in “Someone Left Commitment Out in the Rain.” If you missed that article, take a look now.

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