Bulk Orders

Order 4 or more copies of the book at a 20% to 25% discount.

Many organizations choose to order multiple books for leadership training or as gifts for their management teams. So go ahead and take advantage of the discount I can offer you!

The unit price for 4 or more copies can be discounted by up to 25% with the cost of shipping added to that price.

For shipments within the United States, payments may be made via bank wire transfer or check. All shipments outside the United States must be paid by bank wire transfer.

To order 4 or more copies of the paperback version of the book, please email the following information to Kimberly AT bensimonton DOT com:

Shipping Information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Country
  • Number of copies desired
  • Shipping Method (see below)

U.S. shipping options: 1) Ground (up to 6 days), 2) Overnight or 3) 2nd Day Air.

Expedited printing: My printer will print the books in 2 days. If not expedited, allow 5-10 days to complete the print job, before the books are shipped.

Outside of the U.S.: If you have an account with a preferred provider, we can use that. Otherwise, we will make arrangements and coordinate with you.

Please note: If choosing expedited printing your discount will be 20% off the cover price, instead of 25%, again when ordering 4 or more copies of the book.

After receipt of your order by email, you will be informed (via email) of the total cost: number of copies plus shipping. Payment instructions will be confirmed via email, also.

The order to print and ship will be issued only after funds are received.

We know you are going to value the book for years and years to come. Get yourself some copies to share with your team or class today!

leadership skills book by ben simonton
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