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“Early in my career, I read Ben Simonton’s book, Leading People to be Highly Motivated and Committed, among many other leadership books. The gauge for the value of an author’s guidance is how often one refers back to it for advice during times of change, stress or adversity. Simonton’s real, easy-to-understand and practical strategies and tactics for motivating a team have proven extremely effective for me and been the constant source of direction during challenging times. Simonton provides a rock-sold foundation for new leaders and a wealth of advice with real-life examples to guide seasoned leaders to even higher levels of performance. Truly, the most referred back-to leadership book I own!
-Doug Ruller, SVP, Bank of America

“Excellent does not do justice in describing your book. I don’t know of any executive who could sit down, read your book and not get excited. It’s a great wake up call for US executives and one that should be required reading of anybody who leads, or wants to lead, others.”
-Bill Vick

“In reading the book the first time, it almost seemed as if you had observed all the management mistakes I had committed over time and set-out to write a methodology on how to correct them.”
-Shanthie Goonetilleke“Just a cursory read of the ebook indicates to me that it is worth a lot more than the $ 10.00 US. Even if you are not in management, I would recommend it for the following reasons: for self-improvement; for improving work place relations; for improving relations at home.”
-Frank Deutsch

“I’ve now gone through the book and have found it more than illuminating. In fact I have printed out a copy of it for my 17 year old to read and take back to college with him; I think your approach and insight into dealing with people will be invaluable to him, whether he is operating from a leadership position or simply as a team member.”
-Charles Bearsdley

Book Review “The subtitle…does little to make the casual reader aware of the massive significance of this book… He asks quite rightly how we can afford to turn off a single one of our people and is very specific about what needs to happen to create what he terms a five star (“Turned On”) employee. He is equally specific about what is missing that prevents that five star performance.” Peter A. Hunter, author “Breaking the Mould” Read more…

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