What’s In the Book

Years of practical wisdom covering the science of leadership and how to manage people from A to Z!


  • Leadership Theory – Common sense leadership theory that dictates which leadership skills are critical and how to manage people.
  • The Natural Law of Leadership – Why there is only one way to manage people.
  • Three Human Characteristics – There are three that dictate how people react to workplace events and conditions.
  • Eighteen Values: Learn the values pertinent and essential to managing people and how to use leadership skills to create a values-based culture.


Supporting Subordinates – Leadership Skills In Action

  • The Boss’ Role in training, rules, discipline, orders, tools, procedures, planning and rewards.
  • How bosses increase the degree of difficulty of work.
  • The Six Powerful Rationales to use to change performance.
  • Giving orders and why orders are often the weakest leadership action.
  • How to coach someone to improve performance.
  • How errors are our friends.
  • Using the chain of command correctly.
  • Creating an Open-Door policy.
  • What is the boss responsible for (whom and what)?
  • Eleven valuable Standing Orders to create a culture of commitment.
  • Anti-Robot Rules for Bosses
  • Creating the most effective organizational control model: Values-Based Self-control
  • How to properly assign authority.
  • How to stop preaching to the choir.
  • How to have control through being a servant.

Your Most Important of Leadership Skill: Listening

  • What you need to hear.
  • How to successfully coach someone who needs it.
  • Learn the Don’t-Shoot-the-Messenger Procedure
  • Why listening is the doorway to subordinate commitment.
  • How lack of follow-up negates the power of listening.
  • Using questions to determine deficiencies in the boss’ support.
  • How to assess levels of motivation and commitment.
  • How to assess the values being used to perform work and whether to a high or low standard.
  • How to listen for compliance with the Eleven Valuable Orders

Putting Your Leadership Skills In Action By Getting Out There

  • Understanding the natural stream of workplace problems.
  • How to detect problems.
  • Procedure to address corrective action.
  • How to get everyone detecting and correcting problems
  • Measuring and assessing how well-trained, industrious, and strong and independent your people are.
  • Aiding individual development.
  • How apologies establish the boss’ support role.
  • How the boss is the necessary brake to change, not the accelerator

Group Meetings – The Most Powerful, Irreplaceable, Indispensable Leadership Mechanism

  • How to receive and respond to employee questions, complaints and suggestions.
  • Why credibility can only be established in front of a group.
  • Specific rules and guidelines for group meetings.
  • Answering in the heat of battle. What not to do.
  • Allowing subordinates to put in their two cents.
  • Causing people to take charge of their workplace
  • Creating a value-based culture – this is where it happens.
  • Handling detractors by listening.

Common Workplace Issues and the Leadership Skills to Solve Them

  • Bad morale and negative attitudes.
  • Stress and personality conflicts.
  • Assumptions, emotionalism and handling ego and prestige.


  • Peace of mind, admission of error, peers as friends.
  • Dealing with bosses and the boss-junior friendship.
  • Handling unions, change, bureaucracy, and managing by committees.

“In reading the book the first time, it almost seemed as if you had observed all the management mistakes I had committed over time and set-out to write a methodology on how to correct them.” -Shanthie Goonetilleke

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