Leadership Training Mini-Series: Tripped Up

As leaders in the workplace – managing people – we are all faced with the same problems.

Some people we manage are more motivated than others. Some are highly committed and others are not…we feel we aren’t innovative enough to keep up with competitors or market shifts…or we lose top talent and don’t know how to cultivate more.

One thing is certain, none of us seek to intentionally cause problems, to muffle talent or dampen performance of the people we manage. But as well intended as we are, many of us do exactly that. We just don’t know we are doing it. We need a little leadership training.

This mini-series will help, especially for upper level management. Don’t get tripped up.

What is tripping up and hindering most managers at every level?

ANSWER: A general misunderstanding of leadership.

This means you do things from time to time that you shouldn’t be doing when managing/leading your people. And you don’t do the things you really must be doing to obtain stellar performance from the majority.

The issue is that doing the wrong things causes us to struggle with people…and some of us begin to think perhaps some people simply aren’t as motivated and committed to doing a great job every day.

Of course, some people we hired or inherited are in the wrong position and can’t be coached to improve, but the majority? The majority want to excel and indeed can be led to do so.


Let’s clear up the six most common and critical misconceptions about leadership, so you don’t get tripped up.

1. What Your Real Job is as the Leader
2. Motivating People
3. Importance of Commitment
4. Innovation
5. Retaining Talent
6. Employee Programs

When you read one, come back to this list and read the next one. Each article is designed to inform and entertain.

The objective is to ensure you are a high impact, influential leader. Clearing away those six misconceptions about leadership will allow you to lead from a much stronger and focused position.


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