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Your Most Important Leadership Skill: Listening

Listening is absolutely critical to creating a work environment in which employees will decide on their own to become highly motivated, committed, fully-engaged, and in that kind of condition they’re going to literally love to come to work.

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What are you managing people to be? Five Star Superstars!

What do you want every employee to be? That is a good question and the answer guides what you do as the boss in terms of managing people and where to focus your time and energy.

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How to Create Engaged Employees

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Employee Engagement is a largely misunderstood concept and one that management often undertakes through programs initiated in the workplace. It is not, however, possible to “engage” an employee, but it is possible to create the environment where employees will choose to become fully engaged.

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What is Leadership?

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Most attempts to define leadership refer to one or more characteristics of a leader or to an action that a leader takes, such as providing a vision, getting things done through people, or challenging the status quo. Problematically, these are mere descriptions, not definitions. The individualistic actions a leader chooses to take and the idiosyncratic traits a leader exhibits do not reflect the essence of leadership. To determine what leadership is, we have to take a deeper dive. Because experts

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What is the Goal When Managing People?

As leaders in the workplace, we set goals and objectives regularly. It makes business sense to decide where you want to go before deciding what to do and how to do it. And what most of us learn is that the more clearly we set those goals and objectives, the more success we have reaching them. So then, what is your goal for managing people?

Some managers have thought this through, and others have been given or have devised what they think are goals for managing their people, such as a culture to maintain and project. But let’s go further and define a universal goal that maximizes our ability to be successful, prosperous managers and leaders.

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