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The Apple Trick to Innovation

people management innovation

Even if you are sitting in an electric power plant, someone somewhere in the organization will say it:

”We need to be more innovative” or “What can we do differently to…?”

Every company needs new and imaginative ideas and the ability to turn those ideas into new or improved products and services.

Now, wouldn’t it be nice if there was an innovation river continually flowing? Just reach in and scoop up that next winning idea to implement?

While Apple seems to own a river, the Conference Board Survey reported that other companies around the world are challenged by it. CEOs ranked innovation as their #1 challenge in 2012 and it has remained in the top 3 since then.

Here’s what I have found. Innovation is a challenge largely due to two misunderstandings:
1. The innovative process itself
2. Management’s role in switching on the process

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Keep Doing What You’re Doing, Ben! Leadership Skills in Action

Time for a heartfelt success story from when my father (Ben) managed a large unionized organization out of a tough situation. This one seems to always choke me up.

I hope you find it inspiring and an example to follow.

As you can tell, the leadership skills you apply can have a great impact on the lives of others while increasing the performance of your organization.

If you found this video inspiring, please share it.

And if you haven’t done so yet, check out the Top 10 Leadership Skills essential for every manager and executive to develop to go beyond great as a leader.



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Someone Left Commitment Out in the Rain

Truly committed individual running in the rain

The call came in just after 8am Eastern Time:

“Don’t worry, we are rowing in [to work].”

“You are doing what?”

“Houston is completely flooded.”

“I know, but is it safe? We can…”

“We are fine. Don’t worry. We’ll make it in and we’ll be operational.”


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